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St Lucius’ church in Farnley Tyas dates from the 19th century, the foundation stone being laid in 1838 and the building completed and opened for worship in 1840. It is not of typical Victorian construction but is open, spacious and welcoming.


It was first gazetted as a separate parish in 1896, which it remained until 1976. During a period in the care of a retired priest living in Almondbury it became part of the united benefice of Almondbury with Farnley Tyas in 1982.


In 1987 the Team Parish was formed.St Lucius’ has an open graveyard, maintained by paid and voluntary workers.

A recent reordering provided toilet and kitchen with a large area for social and community usewhich is well used by both church and community groups, especially the village Women’s Institute.

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St Lucius' Church has been serving the people of Farnley Tyas for nearly 200 years. At key moments in life – baptisms, weddings or funerals – we have shared your joys and your sorrows.

But few buildings stay the same. The needs of people change and we are trying to meet them as sensitively as we can. The next stage in our development is underway to make the space in church more versatile to allow for more meetings, concerts, classes or functions.

Our Tuesday Café has proved popular, but – as with other events – it has exposed the shortcomings of our cramped kitchen and single toilet. Storage of chairs and tables is a further issue.

To overcome these problems, a small extension has been built to hold toilets and baby-changing facilities. It will also liberate space for a more spacious kitchen.

This modest re-ordering will enable us to respond to our congregation and the community with greater flexibility, and we look forward to being fully open again soon.

Church services have resumed - see the website above for details.

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