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New to Farnley Tyas?

If you've recently moved to Farnley Tyas, here is a list of local resources and amenities that may be useful (distances shown are shortest possible routes by car):

In an Emergency

There is a defibrillator on the wall outside the Golden Cock (near the notice board and the war memorial). Dial 999 for the code to unlock and for instructions on its use.

Nearest Doctors

The nearest doctor's surgeries are:


Almondbury Surgery (2 miles) - 01484 514555

Honley Surgery (2.5 miles) - 01484 303366

Kirkburton Health Centre (3.5 miles) - 01484 602040

Nearest Dentists

The nearest dentist surgeries are:

Honley Dental Practice (2 miles) - 01484 664692

Almondbury Dental Practice (2.2 miles) - 01484 543970

Newsome Dental Practice (2.5 miles) - 01484 514940

Shepley Dental Practice (3.5 miles) - 01484 606050

Nearest A&E

The nearest A&E is at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary (5.5 miles) - 01484 342000

Nearest Vet

The nearest vet is:

Donaldson's in Almondbury (2.5 miles) - 01484 421512

Nearest Cashpoints

The nearest cashpoints are:

Costcutter, Storthes Hall Student Village (1.7 miles)

Almondbury Post Office (2 miles)

Westgate, Honley (2.2 miles)

Kirkburton Post Office (2.9 miles)

Nearest Petrol Stations

The nearest petrol stations are:

Total Energies in Brockholes (1.7 miles)

Asda Honley Express Petrol in Honley (2 miles)

Texaco in Honley (2.2 miles)

Gulf in Kirkburton (2.8 miles)

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