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Ring For Peace - 80th Anniversary of D-Day

Thursday 6th June, 6.30pm

Ring For Peace - 80th Anniversary of D-Day

Our church bells will 'ring for peace' at 6.30pm and there will be a reading and lighting of a 'lantern of peace' at 9.15pm by the war memorial. The reading is the 'International Tribute', 7 short verses, and it would be great if villagers would step forward and volunteer to read a verse each.

To commemorate, we're all encouraged to have fish and chips! To this end, 'Field' on Field Lane is doing a 'fish and chip' evening. More details will follow but there will be options of a sit down fish and chip supper, fish butties, and takeaway! A vegetarian choice will also be available. Bookings can be made via or give them a bell 01484 660469.

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