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Garden Safari 2024

Saturday 6th July, 2pm - 6pm

Garden Safari 2024

Garden Safari open to all village residents, church members and WI members.

Entry £5, tickets available at all venues.

Beech Farm Estate: 2pm - 3.30pm, two gardens in Deer Croft and Keepers Way
Sycamore Farm: 2pm - 3.30pm
55 The Village: 3.30pm - 5pm
4 St. Lucius Close: 3.30pm - 5pm
St. Lucius Church gardens: 2pm - 5pm
Rim Rock, Woodsome Road: 5pm - 6pm

Refreshments available at several of the venues for a donation.

Buffet Supper from 7pm at Field. £25 per person, must be booked in advance through FTCG.

We hope as many people as possible will want to join in all or part of this lovely village event.

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