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The Burnt Hill Herb Co.


Located just on the edge of Farnley Tyas, on Farnley Road.

Jon started The Burnt Hill Herb Co. because he believes that we are all responsible for making more sustainable choices about where our food comes from. Jon wanted to show that it is possible to grow incredible food without harming the environment and his passions lie with beyond-organic, incredibly high-Welfare produce treated with the utmost respect, working with zero waste ethics at the forefront.

They're constantly looking at how they can use pioneering food and farming technology to do better, from powering the farm through renewable energy to compostable and recyclable packaging and sourcing materials, ingredients and expertise locally.

Find out more on the website.

Click here for upcoming events.

During summer 2024 there will be 3 open day short farm tour events happening once a month, based around the tomato club idea. Interested people can just buy a £10 gift voucher as a ticket from the website here:
Buy £10 gift voucher

The full £10 voucher can be spent at the end of the tour on farm produce.

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